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What do young people brush on short videos?

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What do young people brush on short videos?
When the young people in the red realm "brush" the short video after 00, what exactly "brush" what "like a seaweed seaweed seaweed seaweed, dancing in the surf..." Every night before the bedroom lights out, Lu Qianxi, a 2000-year-old College student, will lie in bed, turn on a music video software called "jitter" and stare at the songs and dances that alternate on the mobile phone screen, sliding and clicking with his fingers, laughing from time to time. In the second half of 2017, Lu Qianxi became a "bean sprout" (trembling fans), every day "brush" short video has become a great joy in her life. She also tried to shoot and upload more than 20 Dance Videos herself, mostly rhythmic and easy-to-learn dances, but her fan base did not exceed her own. In most popular short video applications, users can upload short videos of their own. Buying vegetables, cooking, sports training, dance teaching, family gatherings... Ren...
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