Bosch GTL3 Professional Tile Laser Product Review

GTL3 Tile and Square Layout LaserProduct Description

The Bosch GTL3 is a cross line laser level utilized for employments which require arranging everything from lighting, to hanging pictures, and in addition setting tile in a washroom or kitchen legitimately. It will fit most any tripod to make leveling less demanding from floor to roof. The gadget levels naturally and spares considerably additional time with its solid laser lines that give the client straight and genuine estimations. With lasers, there is no requirement for rulers any longer!

The Bosch GTL3 accompanies a case, batteries, and a divider mount. The range for this laser level is solid at 10 meters, and the quarter-inch string will fit all tripods with traditional strings. The plumb capacity is one which numerous clients have discovered very valuable, as it permits the client to keep a point measured from the floor and exchange it higher up towards the roof. Position and arrangement is never a simple undertaking, yet the laser highlight of the Bosch GTL3 makes it an occupation that should be possible in minutes instead of meticulous hours required for conventional levels or measuring tapes. Flat and vertical lines are leveled with a similar measure of straightforwardness with the GTL3’s self-leveling highlight.

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The Bosch GTL3 is unquestionably an enhanced variant of the GTL2. For one thing, The Bosch GTL3 has a more drawn out range than the GTL2. The GTL3 connects with around 65 feet. The Bosch GTL2 just has a range to 30 feet. The Bosch GTL3 accompanies the greater part of the important pieces for it to be divider mounted. The GTL2 just accompanies some glue strips. Another expansion a change that is incorporated with the GTL3 is that it has both flat and vertical lines, and additionally cross lines. The GTL2 just has even and vertical lines.

Whether you are an end of the week warrior DIY’er pondering your identity on a Sunday morning or an expert, the requirement for straight and exact lines are important and this laser level does only that. Five modes permit the GTL3 to work with exactness, from lines that are even, vertical, and slanted, to those which are crossed or require the previously mentioned plumb-point exchange.

The draw towards laser line levels is clear because of the time spared and the exactness they bear. It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re an ace or a do-it-without anyone’s help who essentially needs to land the position right, measuring has never been as speedy and simple as it is with a laser level. Bosch GTL3 gives a tripod, which; in the event that you didn’t have one preceding, takes into consideration hand-less measuring and leveling which additionally works with cameras. As of now have a tripod? Bravo! The tripod comes as an alternative (See Amazon Price). Talking about which, the tripod can reach out as high as 1.5 meters, with a wrench which gives the client a chance to modify the level to the correct point in space where it should be balanced. Thereafter, the laser itself will assume control, giving precision inside 1/16 inch of the fancied line and a solid laser pillar. The tripod that accompanies the GTL3 is awesome component that does not accompany the Bosch GTL2. The GTL3 has this tripod with the goal that things are made less demanding on the client. There is no doubt s to which of the two forms is the better alternative. The GTL3 had a superior and more productive outline and has more to offer the client in the terms of adequacy and simplicity.


Setting lines is far less demanding than utilizing chalk with laser levelers. The Bosch GTL3 has a few capacities accessible essentially by clicking a catch to move between flat, vertical, slope, cross, or plumb levels. The Bosch GTL3 is satisfactory for everything, whether it’s hanging pictures and photographs, racking units, or getting the lines right and level for kitchen and lavatory counter spaces. Laser levels, for example, these are additionally utilized for tiling floors all through the house.

The Bosch GTL3 is anything but difficult to utilize (Read more data on Amazon). Numerous clients of contending items have noticed this is an item deserving of thought in a market loaded with sufficient contenders. The fitted handle makes turning it on and off less of a test, and deliberately found cushioning empowers for safe transport and capacity amongst employments and destinations. The GTL3 tips the scales at scarcely more than a pound, making it similarly as simple to transport as it is to utilize. The laser instruments utilized are secured by means of glass plates while not being used. It additionally accompanies a pack for transport and additional assurance.

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