Bosch GLL 30 Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Product Review

Bosch is conveying another reasonable cross line laser to the business sector as the new Bosch GLL 30. It’s strikingly like the GLL 2 at first look, however there are a few changes in the more current model. With the late drop in cost for the GLL2, it’s a respectable wager that we’re taking a gander at the substitution model pushing ahead.

beginning with the housing, the dimensions have changed to be a piece more compact, though the load remains the equal at half of a pound. It’s still a plastic composite housing and consists of 1/4 inch threading to mound on a tripod. it’s miles kitted with the MM2 bendy Mounting tool that can clamp on to items half inch to 2-1/four inches thick.

Internally, the variety is still 30 ft with a category II laser this is now slightly brighter at 635 nm (the remaining version became 650 nm and top of the line for human vision is green inside the 520 – 570 nm range). The accuracy has loosened up a little bit, shifting from three/16 inch to five/16 inch at 30 ft. whilst it’s simplest an 1/eight inch distinction, precision-orientated customers may not discover this to be perfect.

The pendulum gadget is self-leveling up to four tiers with an out-of-level indicator. A pendulum lock has been blanketed to make transportation a little safer for the unit. The lock mechanically engages while the Bosch GLL 30 is turned off. whilst you want to mark angles intentionally, manual mode can be engaged.

“simple capability doesn’t suggest the device isn’t versatile. That’s certainly the case with the Bosch GLL 30. This tool has very brilliant go-lines strains at 30 ft., can lock lines at any perspective, and is derived with a flexible mounting tool that clamps on clearly any floor to challenge strains from any top or angle, which for plenty experts and DIYers is what’s wished. It’s small and compact, however it receives the activity completed with precision.”

– Jessica Davies, Product supervisor, Measuring gear, Robert Bosch device corporation


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Bosch GLL 30 Self-Leveling move-Line Laser Key features

cross-line mode
MM 2 flexible Mounting device
clever Pendulum device for self-leveling
Pendulum locks while switched off
manual mode for angled lines
1/4 inch diameter tripod threading
Clamp grips from 1/2″ to two-1/4″
Bosch GLL 30 Self-Leveling go-Line Laser specs

electricity source: 2 AA batteries
range: up to 30-ft.
fabric: Plastic composite
Accuracy: ±five/16″ at 30 toes
Laser Diode: class II, 635 nm
Mount Threading: 1/four″
Leveling type: Self-Leveling, up to four°
operating Temperature: forty one° F – 104° F
Width: 2.2″
duration: 2.8″
Weight: zero.five lbs
consists of: MM 2 flexible Mounting tool, (2) AA Batteries
warranty: 1-12 months constrained


You’re about profitability, consistently throughout the day. So is the programmed self-leveling capacity that is utilized on the Bosch GLL2. Know you’re generally level on account of exceptionally unmistakable laser lines that guarantee appropriate design and expanded efficiency.

Savvy Pendulum System

The Smart Pendulum System is the motor for programmed self-leveling. It utilizes an accuracy pendulum that conveys best-in-class usefulness. Furthermore, the unit locks to guarantee pendulum is sheltered in transport.

Projects Lines Independently or Together

A laser measuring device is only as good as the lines it produces. And the Bosch GLL2 produces strong, clear lines that can be deployed in three modes: Independent vertical and horizontal lines and the two lines together. Three modes offers maximum flexibility in any application.

Flexible Mounting Device

If you’re looking for a game-changer in leveling and alignment, the Bosch Flexible Mounting Device is just that. It allows the GLL2 to be clamped on virtually any surface to produce level lines at any height or lines at almost any angle.


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