Bosch GLL 1P Combination Point and Line Laser Level Product Review


Bosch GLL 1P Combination Point and Line Laser LevelProduct Description

PROS /The Bosch GLL 1P has a helpful swiveling mount for adaptable laser projections.

CONS /There is little automation, obliging you to physically set the exactness and alter the stature of laser projections with a turning dial.

VERDICT /Bosch GLL 1P has a compact outline and can extend a level laser pillar, yet the manual leveling and mount alternatives influence its ease of use.

The best laser line levels can naturally deliver level lines, extend great quality pillars and have adaptable mount choices. The Bosch GLL 1P is compact and simple to utilize, yet it doesn’t offer the elements and flexibility of the top models we explored.

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The Bosch GLL 1P Point Line Laser Level helps you discover vertical, even, plumb, and arrangement. It anticipates a solitary laser pillar up to 16 feet with 3/14-inch precision inside 3 feet, and in addition a laser point. Utilizing the mounting plate, you can secure the line laser to point vertically, evenly or at an edge. There are 2 worked in air pocket vials for speedy manual leveling and a 1/4-20 string mount for connection to tripods. This handheld level from Bosch is perfect for pinpointing a particular spot or for leveling.


It can be utilized to position picture groupings, machines, and racking. It likewise assists with precise arrangement of stair rails, lighting plans, checking plumb lines of cupboards or machines and in addition affirming the level of counters, parcels, and other even surfaces.The GLL 1P pen level is sufficiently little to convey with you in a pocket or pocket. You can store it in a tool stash, in a drawer, or in the glove compartment and, its lightweight outline make it flexibility for situating.

The gadget has two air pocket levels for vertical and even lines, yet it is not self-leveling. Keeping in mind the end goal to have exact lines, you need to physically modify the level. On the off chance that you just need a laser level for a couple of speedy family unit occupations, that is not such an issue. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you plan to utilize your level regularly or for substantial activities, ceaselessly modifying the level every time you move it will end up being an errand. There’s additionally not an out of level pointer, so you’re all alone to decide how level the line depends on how close you can get the rise to the middle.


The level does not extend two lines immediately, but rather it has vertical and even abilities. So as to venture in an alternate heading, you have to physically change the level from its base and reset the level precision. The bars can extend similarly as 16 feet, which is on the low end, and the line quality is not as solid contrasted with other laser levels.


To the extent plan, the level is little and convenient, yet it likewise requires a tripod for more prominent tallness unless you need to put a gap in the divider to mount the gadget. All things considered, your other mount alternatives are to utilize contact tape, screw it into the divider or set it on a table or other relentless surface. The laser appends to the mount with solid magnets, yet it’s not instinctive how the laser ought to lay on the mount or even how to have the best usefulness.


Bosch offers a progression of assistance and bolster highlights, including a two-year restricted guarantee, an online manual and a Frequently Asked Questions area, and in addition live talk, telephone and email administrations. The assistance and bolster elements are among the best of the items we looked into.

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